St. George Aces Volleyball Club

Providing a quality, flexible, and economical volleyball experience for the multi-sport athlete. 


Volleyball should be fun.  A great experience in volleyball should not be limited to elite athletes or to those who are affluent.  Volleyball teaches teamwork, sportsmanship, confidence, communication, and overall healthy living.  Nation-wide, we are seeing injuries to our young athletes that are caused by overuse.  One of the answers is to allow them time away from volleyball to play another sport.  Studies have shown that multi-sport athletes are less prone to injury, burnout, and often times are in better shape from doing a different sport.  We hold practices only once or twice a week, keep teams small, and encourage our players to be involved in other activities. We also have divided the Club Season into three separate seasons to allow for participation in other sports.  

Important Dates:

Tryouts: First Week of November at Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School

Commitment Date: Monday after Tryouts

Season 1 Winter: Nov- Feb (Christmas Vacation off for most teams)

Season 2 Spring:  March-April

Season 3 Beach: May-June

2023-24 Tryout Information

(our club membership # is W3BF69)

2023-24 Tryout Dates and Times 

All Tryouts will be at Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School.  Please arrive 15 minutes early.  Shoes on and ready to play at start time.

Payment Information:

Check: Made out to St. George Aces Volleyball Club.  Send to 1214 Silk Tree Circle St. George, Utah 84790


Season 1 Tuition: Balance due before they can attend clinics or practices.

Season 2 Tuition: Balance due by March 1

Season 3 (Beach): Balance due May 27

Age Division and Costs

12's Club $400

13's Club: $400

13's Premier: $525 (1 Extended Season)

14's Club: $400 Season 1 

14's Premier: Season 1 $525, Season 2 $475,  

15's &16's Club: Season 1 $475

15's Premier: Season 1 $525, Season 2 $475

16's Premier: $525 Season 1, $475 Season 2, 

17-18's Premier: $600 Season 1, $525 Season 2 

16's, 17's and18's Travel Elite: TBD.  Depending on which tournaments are chosen, costs could be higher for these teams.

Please note that costs are only an estimate.  Costs could fluctuate depending on current tournament rates, gym rental fees, and other administrative costs.

Information on the Clinics: 

These clinics are free to all registered and paid Aces players.  The clinics are run by our most experienced coaches and provide a vital framework for the season.  All clinics are at Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School.

12U and 13U: 



16U, 17U, and 18U: 

This is a time for you to meet the coaches, find out about the upcoming season, and ask questions about the program moving forward.  It will be in a room close to the gym at Sunrise Ridge.  Look for a sign pointing you where to go when you pick up your players.

Parent Informational Meeting: 

A Little About Us:

Individual Training Session Forms:

Information on Venues

339 5500 W Hurricane, UT 84737

3167 South 2350 East St. George, Utah 84790

1710 E 4150 S, Saint George, UT 84790

1871 W Canyon View Dr, St. George, UT 84770, USA

Administrative Staff:

Doug Jenson, Club Director

Phil Spencer, Assistant Director

Kami Wilkinson,  Coach 

Jared Wilkinson, Clinician

Duke Sam Fong, Coach

Contact Information:


Address: 1214 Silk Tree Circle 

St. George, Utah 84790


Call or Text: 435-669-4310